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Every beginning of each year, most of us especially women look forward to seeing as well as acquiring some of the new fashion accessories that are hitting the market. This year is no different. We are anxious to see what the new type of clothes such as dresses, pants, sweaters will look like. The same goes for shoes, bags, make-up and hair styles. As we all wait to see what sort of fashion trends will unfold as the year progresses, here are some of the things you can try out to spice up your fashion look.
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African ladies Hair styles 2013
The short hair is definitely something that most women can try out this year. It is so simple to maintain since one does not need to constantly dish out money on visiting salons. In case you did not know, hair does really take a lot of money. There are some women who even end up spending over Shs100,000 every week on their hair. So if you are the kind that wants to slush expenses this year, simply rock your short hair.

Alternatively, you can decide to go bald. I have seen a few coporate african women with this look and I must confess that they really look good. Angel Emily Aneno, one of the few women donning this look says, that it is a matter of getting the right make-up, jewelry and clothing that can match with the look.

Africa women beautiful Make up trends 2013
In the previous year, there have been numerous scenarios where women have been sighted with either overly done or mismatching make up. Such women have been sighted mostly at social functions especially during the night. There are often tendencies of finding one with too much lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation or even powder itself. Therefore, as we start the new year, ladies, let us try not to see a few of these fashion spoilers. Simply apply what is enough on your face. In case you cannot do this, get a friend to do it for you.

African women bags styles trends 2013
Bags over the years have continued to be one of the favourite accessories that women love to purchase. On the other hand, most women are picking up the tradition of purchasing different colours.

Previously, you would find a lady owning a number of them but only in black. Since the norm of owning coloured bags has not really picked up among many women, it can still be a fashion trend that can be carried on this year. Some of the places where to find these coloured hand bags include downtown Kampala and the shopping arcades.

African ladies shoes trends 2013
Of late, african women are beginning to don male sneakers as a fashion accessory. Some of these women have been international female celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Well, forget these three even you can achieve their type of look. Just visit any sneaker shop around you. However, make sure that you buy your appropriate shoe size.
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African women beautiful clothes design 2013
Animal print clothes are definitely something to explore this year. Yes, african women have donned them but not very much. Therefore, it could be an african fashion trend many women could take into consideration as the year progresses.
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these are lovely designs of clothings.
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